The third edition of the CPS international Conference on High Level Physics and Solutions to real life problems in developing countries will take place from 25 to 29 November 2013 in Yaounde- Cameroon.

Two main fields will direct the conference: Electromechanics and Optoelectronics. They will be accompanied by parallel sessions on the following topics: Chaos in Cameroon and Africa, Atomic and Molecular and Quantum Physics, Computational Physics, Solar Energy, Quantum Toolbox in Python-software for Quantum Optics, Medical Physics, Miscellaneous contributions of Physics to development. A special session will be organized on the state of physics in Africa. This third edition is supported by the following scientific institutions/Societies: International Union for Pure and Applied Physics, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, European Physical Society and SPIE. Read more.

Success of the second edition of the CPS International Conference

The Second Edition of the CPS International Conference on “Low Cost High Physics and Appropriate Solutions to Real Life Problems in Developing Countries” took place from 5 to 9 December 2011, Yaoundé (Cameroon). 65 scientists including famous physicists from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Congo, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Spain met to discuss on high level scientific ideas on the following topics: Read more

Semiconductor lasers and photonic materials,
Medical and Biological Physics,
Appropriate and low cost instrumentation,
Appropriate solutions to real-life problems.
Pr. Paul Woafo, President CPS (up) at the opening Ceremony
Maxi San Miguel
The OSA Student Chapter Exhibition

Success of the first edition of the CPS International Conference
On Low Cost High Physics and Appropriate Solutions to Real Life Problems in Developing Countries successfully took place from 8-10 December 2009, Yaoundé ( Cameroon ) Read more

Family photo after the opening ceremony
Photo during the conference
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Promotion of Cameroonian Physicists:

During the last session (December 2010) of the national committee for the promotion of university lecturers, the following CPS members have been promoted to the following ranks:
Associate Professor :
MAMA NSANGOU (Universities of Ngaoundéré) Read more
Senior Lecturers :
University of Yaoundé I: DJUIDJE KENMOE Germaine, NANA NBENDJO Blaise R.

University of Buea: FOTSA NGAFFO Fernande

University of Dschang : KOUMETIO Fidèle. Read more
University of Bamenda : YAMGOUE Serge, FAUTSO KUIATE Gaétan
HDR defence:

Dr. Tchuen Ghislain, senior Lecturer, CPS member at the University of Douala defended on December 2010 his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches at the Université de Provence-France. Read more

PhD defences :
The following CPS members successfully defended their PhD thesis recently (all from the University of Yaoundé I): MBOUSSI NKOMIDIO Aïssatou, MOGO Jules Bienvenu, SITAMZE YOUMBI Bertrand, KOL Guy Richard. More details on the laureates and their achievements later.

List of Members of the Cameroon Physical Society :

The CPS has decided to add the list of its members in the web site, read more. Read more

Concours nationaux de la Société Camerounaise de Physique
Les résultats des concours nationaux de Physique organisés par la Société Camerounaise de Physique dans toutes les universités camerounaises ont connu la participation de nombreux candidats. Les listes des cinq premiers par université sont publiées ici.
Les candidats de Douala pendant le concours.
Photo d'ensemble après le concours.